TIF is reaching out to its member associations and interested stakeholders worldwide through a number of print and electronic communications.

The aim is to inform on the recent developments in thalassaemia and engage all stakeholders in the common goal of achieving support and optimal management of thalassaemia.

On the 8th of May every year, the Thalassaemia International Federation organises its most important communication: The International Thalassaemia Day inviting all national thalassaemia associations to plan and share their activities for this special day and week.

For the global thalassaemia family, the 8th of May constitutes a very special day as it is dedicated to both commemorating the thalassaemia patients who are no longer with us but are always close, always in our hearts and to celebrating all those patients who are alive and fighting every day for their right to a better quality of life.

On this special day, every year, TIF focuses on a different theme that intervenes with the quality and appropriate treatment of patients and impacts their quality of life.

2016 – “Access to safe and effective drugs in thalassaemia”
2015 – “Enhancing partnership towards patient-centred health systems: good health adds life to years!”
2014 – “Economic Recession: Observe – Joint Forces – Safeguard Health”
2013 – “The right for quality health care of every patient with Thalassaemia: major and beyond”
2012 – “Patients Rights Revisited”
2011 – “Equal Chance to Life”

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